Information Technology


Theft and Loss

Don’t leave your belongings unattended.

Cell phones and tablet computers are easy targets of thieves and are often stolen or accidentally lost. Losing any of your property stolen, but since your mobile devices contain a lot of information about you (accounts, credit card info, etc.), having one stolen can be more than an inconvenience and you may need to take further action to protect yourself from additional consequences.

If a Loss/Theft Occurs

When your device is lost, or if your suspect it has been stolen, call the Public Safety central booth immediately by dialing 3511 from any campus phone. As long as your computer is logged in to our wireless network and still on campus, we might be able to help find it.

Preventing Loss or theft

  • Do not leave devices unattended in labs, classrooms, libraries, lounges, dining facilities or other public areas. If you live in a dorm room or are visiting a friend in a residence hall, make sure the door is locked if you plan to leave your device for even a short time.
  • If you must leave a computer in your car, lock it in your trunk and make sure it is out of sight.
  • Use a tracking app on your devices.
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