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Secure Communication Tips

Keep your online communications secure to keep your identity safe.

When Shopping Online or Entering Confidential Data

  • http vs. https: Look for “https” in the browser address bar and the security lock icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Make sure that the website you are entering your information on protected by VeriSign.
  • Identity theft Prevention
    • SSL –Secure Socket Layer
    • WEP –Wireless Encryption Protocol
    • SSH –Secure Shell

Email Security

  • Do not automatically display or run scripts.
  • Do not download files unless you know what they contain.
  • If possible, avoid HTML based email and click to display the HTML format only if you trust the sender.
  • Viruses can forge email addresses.
  • Adelphi’s Office of Information Technology deters approximately 150,000 email threats per day (about 80%-90% of the daily messages that come through our servers).

Browser Settings

  • Adelphi IT recommends Firefox and Chrome browsers. Ensure that your browser is up to date with the latest version and regularly apply security patches.
  • “Trusted Sites” setting should be kept to a minimum
  • “Active X” Controls are often not necessary

Wireless Connections

  • Always use Encryption.
  • Hot Spots: Do not use financial or sensitive information or send passwords across public wi-fi hot spots.
  • Go to wireless connectivity instructions for Adelphi.
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