Information Technology

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Computers and Related Hardware

3D Printing

Information about 3D modeling and 3D printing on campus.

Assistive Technology

Hardware and software solutions for those who have learning, communication, and access difficulties.

Cable TV and HBO GO

Standard and HD channels are available in Adelphi’s residence halls.

Audience: Students | Categories: Computers and Related Hardware

Call Center Solutions

A Call Center system allows for multiple users to use one main number to respond to inquiries.

Charging Stations

Device charging stations for phones, tablets and laptops are available for use on the Garden City campus.

Classroom and Lab Software Requests (Faculty)

Faculty may request specialty software to be installed in a teaching lab at Adelphi.

Classroom Technology

Multimedia capabilities for video and audio broadcasting and presentations.


Students can actively participate in class by submitting their responses digitally.

Computer Equipment and Software Purchases

Purchasing software and computer equipment for your personal use or for departmental use.

Computer Kiosks

Check email and perform other quick tasks. Perform research.

Computer Labs

Computer labs on the Adelphi campuses feature a variety of software.

Copying and Faxing

Copying and faxing in Swirbul library.

Document Management and Imaging

Document imaging helps departments manage documents and workflows in a secure electronic environment.

Equipment Loan

Borrow laptops, wireless presenters, video cameras, chargers, speakers and more.

Equipment Moves

Please do not move equipment yourself. If you need any equipment moved please fill out the equipment request form to get your move started.

Equipment Recycling Request

If you have Adelphi equipment that is no longer in use, you can contact IT for environmentally conscious recycling.

Audience: Faculty, Staff | Categories: Computers and Related Hardware

Event Multimedia Services

Multimedia support for faculty and staff for events in classrooms and lecture halls on campus.

File Storage and Backup

Back up to the network, back up to an external disk or drive, or use a third party service.

Gallagher Lab

This collaborative classroom work space features multiple display screens and room configurations.

Audience: Faculty | Categories: Computers and Related Hardware

Game Consoles and Other Connected Devices

How to connect a gaming console through the wired network in the residence halls.

Audience: Students | Categories: Computers and Related Hardware

General Access Computer Workstations

Adelphi has plenty of computer workstations and kiosks around our campus and center locations.

International Travel Cybersecurity Tips

View precautionary measures you can take to lower your risk of being a target while traveling.

Mobile Device Adelphi Gmail Configuration

Instructions for accessing AU Gmail on your smartphone or tablet vary by your phone’s operating system.

Mobile Laptop Cart

High-performance laptops and chargers available to professors for use only within the Science Building of the Garden City campus.

Audience: Faculty | Categories: Computers and Related Hardware

Mobile Printing

Submit print jobs using a mobile device or your personal computer to various printers around campus.


Panopto is video platform for recording lectures, tutorials and course assignments.


Information about printer use on campus.

Project Management

To initiate a project with the Office of Information Technology, please complete the Project Request form.

Research Computing

Assistance with grant proposals, data encryption, specialized networking needs, and specialized software needs.

Residence Hall Computer Connections

Register your computer and connected devices to use the wired network in the residence halls.

Screensaver Locks

To increase information security we have begun to deploy screensaver locks on campus administrative PCs.

SMART Boards

Display video and presentations on a large screen with interactive capabilities.


Interactive touch-screen monitor is available in some classrooms

Audience: Faculty | Categories: Computers and Related Hardware

Video Conferencing

We can help you determine the best option for your specific videoconferencing needs.

Virus, Phishing, Spam and Spyware Issues

If you think you have accidentally downloaded spyware or a virus to your Adelphi computer.


VoiceThread can be used to facilitate dynamic discussions by incorporating video, audio, text and document sharing into one cohesive conversation.

Webstorage via eCampus

Faculty and staff can use the Webstorage feature in eCampus Services for remote access to download and upload files on your authorized Adelphi network drives.