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Screensaver Locks

To increase information security we have begun to deploy screensaver locks on campus administrative PCs. This will help prevent unauthorized individuals from viewing your private information or exploiting access to your computer in your absence. 

This will be a gradual change across departments and will be coordinated with your supervisor. Most lab PCs are already subject to a screensaver policy.

After 15 minutes of inactivity your screensaver will automatically begin, and you will need to re-enter your password to unlock your computer.

To get to your login screen once it has been locked, wiggle your mouse and wait a few seconds for the monitor to wake up. Follow the instructions to unlock the computer,—as shown in the Windows example below—and enter in your username and password.


Manually Invoking the Screen Saver

lock-screen-keysWe strongly encourage you make a habit of manually lock your computer screen any time you leave your work area (going to the restroom, walking over to talk to a colleague, etc).

On a PC, press the Windows logo key (near the space bar) and ‘L’.

On a Mac, simultaneously press the following keys: Control + Shift + Eject. If you have a newer Mac that doesn’t have an optical drive (and thus has no eject key on the keyboard), the command is Control + Shift + Power. In both cases, you’ll see your Mac’s display shut off immediately, while the system continues to run in the background.


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