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Conference Calls

Group Calls

There are capabilities for toll-free conference calling (up to to 20 participants) for the Adelphi community.

Please note that a minimum of 48 hours notice (not including weekends) is required for IT to approve, obtain and distribute the conference call numbers, leader pass codes and participant pass codes.

To inquire about adding this or other phone services, please initiate your request with the Help Desk.

Third-Party Calls

You can make a third-party call from your desk without any further tools. 

To add a third-party to an existing call:

  • When you are on the phone with one caller, as that party to wait
  • Press the button next to “New Call” displayed on your screen
  • Dial third party’s number
  • When third party answers press the button next to “Conference”

Additional conferencing capabilities may vary by phone model. Visit our Phone and Voicemail Manuals for more information. Your model number can be found on the back of your phone set.


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