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Virus, Phishing, Spam and Spyware Issues

report-spam-phishingPlease contact the IT Help Desk if you think you have accidentally downloaded spyware or a virus to your Adelphi computer.

If you receive a suspicious email with an attachment and believe it is phishing, pharming, a virus or other malware, DO NOT open the attachment or click any links in the email.

  • If it is in your inbox, we encourage you to report as phishing to Google (see screenshot at right).
  • If it is not suspicious but simply unwanted from an external sender, report as spam.
  • If the message is already in your Spam label, simply delete or ignore it.
Please only mark something as spam/phishing if it is potentially malicious in nature. Marking messages from University offices as spam might cause you to miss important alerts from Adelphi. Instead create filters in Gmail to handle messages from valid senders that are not actually spam, so they can be labeled, marked as read and archived automatically.

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