From to LinkedIn Learning

July 18, 2019  /  University News


Adelphi is committed to giving our faculty, students and staff the tools to advance their professional skills. That’s why we’ve been offering free access to the many courses available on This month, transitioned to LinkedIn Learning, and so has Adelphi.

LinkedIn acquired in 2015. According to a statement from LinkedIn, “Since then, we’ve worked hard to create LinkedIn Learning, which merges the best parts of and LinkedIn to further the mission of helping professionals be better at what they do.”

According to A. Brian Leander, PhD, manager of training and development in the Office of Human Resources, has been well received by students, faculty and staff since Adelphi began offering its services in 2017. “The change to Linkedin Learning will further support the student and employee experience by allowing them access to a greater number of resources to achieve their career objectives,” he said.

LinkedIn Learning offers the same high-quality instructional videos and courses as, with some additional benefits. LinkedIn Learning gives you personalized recommendations based on the courses you’ve taken and your job title, experience and interests. If you choose to connect your LinkedIn profile, when you complete a course LinkedIn will display your accomplishment on your profile.

Your learning history, account information and certifications will be waiting for you in LinkedIn Learning. Visit the Office of Information Technology’s LinkedIn Learning page for more information and instructions on how to log in and access your account and a video demonstrating how to use LinkedIn Learning.