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Cutting-Edge Technology Improves Wireless Coverage at Adelphi

February 4, 2020  /  by Victoria Grinthal and Aaron Hoberman  /  University News


Adelphi University’s Office of Information Technology has updated its wireless network infrastructure to provide the campus with faster service, better connectivity, and higher levels of security for all community members.

Upgraded to ArubaOS

Just like any other device, our network must be up-to-date with the most recent operating system available. The Networking and Systems team in IT worked with Aruba to supply Adelphi with improved wireless speed and security. The campus WiFi system has been in effect on campus since the start of the Spring 2020 semester.

Features and Components

The ArubaOS uses Adaptive Radio Management with Artificial Intelligence technology to optimize the use of Adelphi’s wireless network. This is done by assessing the radio frequencies that supply the network every 24 hours, and adjusting them based on the traffic patterns the AI observes. As a result, areas that have more users accessing the network simultaneously will get a boost in frequency allowing you to maintain high wireless speeds, while nearby connections that don’t need as much power will be dialed back temporarily.

Artificial intelligence works throughout the system to analyze user performance as well as overall traffic. Machine learning and algorithms are used to optimize the wireless usage of each service on the network, thereby improving the transition and strength of various connections. The service is able to automatically allocate resources to increase overall connectivity.

This operating system is able to track when you’re switching to or from the campus network, allowing for a seamless change between multiple access points that will all you to maintain connectivity and data speed. Beyond this, the network has become more resilient, which will allow the infrastructure to make its own updates and edits with less downtime for you.

Upcoming Changes to Guest WiFi Procedures

The Network and Systems team is currently working on a new onboarding system that will allow guests to easily access the wireless network through a self-service process. Those joining us for larger campus events will be able to easily connect without needing a special guest pass. This new process will alleviate the support team and make for a better overall experience for the Adelphi community.