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Services and Fees

Stay informed about IT services and fees.

There may be some costs associated with technology and other services that you should compare in relation to the technology benefits that the University offers.

This section focuses on:

Fees and Expenses

Will you be required to purchase your own computer?
Students are not required to purchase computers, although it is strongly recommended that you have your own computer to be able to take full advantage of the learning environment.

Does the campus make computing and network access financially accessible? Is special student pricing offered for computers and peripheral equipment?

Network connections are provided in the residence halls. Adelphi does not purchase computers or peripheral equipment for students. However, student discounts are available through Adelphi’s site for Apple, Dell, and HP computers and other equipment, as well as Microsoft software. Some popular software programs for PCs and Macs are available as free downloads, while others are offered as shareware for a free trial before you decide to buy.

Technical Support

What hardware and software standards, if any, does the campus require, recommend, and/or support? 
The University supports various Windows and Mac programs. It offers Symantec Norton AntiVirus to residential students. The IT Help Desk can provide more information about hardware and software standards.

What kinds of support services (help desk, training, troubleshooting) are provided by the campus, and when are they available?
The IT Help Desk provides technology support and can be contacted via phone, email, or in-person on the second floor of Swirbul Library. Support is available during the week and over the weekend when school is in session.

For students in residential housing, the Residential Computer Associates (RCAs) provide additional technical support during off-hours.

Does the campus have a plan for keeping its hardware and software current, and if so, what is the replacement cycle?
Adelphi has implemented a policy to ensure that all hardware and software are current. Computers are replaced every three years. Software upgrades are regularly installed.

University labs are updated with new equipment every three years. Faculty computers are also replaced every three years to ensure that the most current technology is being used.

Student using an mobile device in the Center for Recreation and Sports

If you bring your own computer to school, what kind of technical support can you expect from the campus?
The IT Help Desk can assist with questions about e-learning software, other software applications, wireless, and other network connections. However, Adelphi does not provide any computer repair services.

How does the campus support printing for students, and is there a charge for this service?  
Adelphi is a “green campus” dedicated to environmentally friendly programs. In an effort to reduce paper use, the University established a printing policy. Students can print 400 pages each semester. There is a minimal fee for additional print-outs.

More information about Adelphi’s environmental efforts can be found in the Green IT section at the end of this guide.

Does the campus provide wireless network coverage? If so, how much of the campus has wireless connectivity?
Adelphi is a wireless campus with extensive indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi access. 

What security measures are provided by the institution’s IT department and what is the student’s responsibility (for example, antivirus software)?
The Office of Information Technology has established policies to protect your personal and University data. However, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that personal computers are installed with the latest antivirus software. Adelphi offers a free copy of Symantec Norton AntiVirus to students who live in the residence halls. IT continuously monitors the Adelphi network for potential threats.   

Does the campus include the cost of technical accessories (for example, technology-enabled note-taking pen that provides an interface to a CMS) in its technology fee, or are students required to purchase these items separately?
In most cases, the University does not require students to purchase hardware devices.  Depending on your field of study, you may have to purchase a device. For example, nursing students require a PDA/Smart Phone Technology for the required Pepid Software.

Does the campus support the purchase and use of e-textbooks? Do the baseline hardware and software standards support this technology?
Adelphi has been exploring the use of e-textbooks to determine whether this format is more applicable to certain courses of study. This is an ongoing process.

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