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Administrative Services

Take control of your transactions, housing and registration online.

Registering for classes, making payments, or applying for financial aid are some of the many tasks that students need to carry out. Adelphi uses technology to expedite completing forms, selecting a residence hall, updating personal information, and checking on progress toward your degree.

Administrative services include:

Managing Your Personal Information

What personal information can you view online—your contact information, grades, degree progress, financial status, or other information?
Adelphi strictly adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) guidelines regarding the privacy of personal information. Academic and personal information is maintained on the University intranet to ensure that it is protected.

Through eCampus, the Adelphi portal, you will be able to access your academic, personal, and financial information though applications that include:

  • CLASS (Course Listing, Advising and Student Services)
  • Clearinghouse (real-time student loan information)
  • Degree Audit System
  • Financial Payment Planner
  • Housing Self-Service (review residential housing options, reserve rooms and select roommates)
  • My Profile

Can you update any of this information online yourself?
As an authorized user, you can update most of your personal information online. However, some personal information, such as a name change, must be done through the Office of the Registrar.

Conducting Business

Which of the following can you do online?
You can do all of the following online:

Is the school catalog—including course descriptions, degree requirements, academic policies, and the semester/term schedule of classes—available on the Web?
The Adelphi University Academic Bulletin is available online. Policies and procedures are also posted online for convenient access. Students can also search for upcoming classes via Course Search.

Privacy, Security, and Usage Rules

What security and privacy policies are in place to protect student information?
Adelphi is compliant with the provisions of FERPA that apply to the privacy of student records. In addition, Adelphi has established policies to protect personal and proprietary information.

How does the campus educate students and protect them from identity theft?
Personal and private information is not accessible to the public. Students can only access their information using a PIN (personal identification number) that matches University records.

Adelphi has installed safeguards to protect the network. Adelphi conducts a mandatory Student Awareness Program that alerts students to identity theft tactics and cautions them against sharing PINs and private information. Learn more about information security and tips on how to protect your identity.

How does the campus notify students of their rights under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)?
The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act mandates certain rights to students with respect to their education records. Students will be notified of their FERPA rights annually by publication in the student handbook and the Directory of Classes.

How does the campus manage email spam and spyware?
Adelphi IT constantly monitors and updates the network to filter out spam and protect it from spyware. The Adelphi IT website has links to alternative free software that is available for students.

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