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Academic Experience

In classrooms and specialized labs, technology transforms learning.

We strive to create an interactive, engaging, and collaborative learning experience. In this section, you will find out how Adelphi incorporates technology in relation to:

Coursework – In and Out of Class

How does the campus use technology to enhance teaching, learning, and access to information in your areas of interest?
Technology plays an integral role in every phase of your academic experience. From multimedia classrooms to electronic library resources, Adelphi offers a high level of technology to enhance teaching, learning, and access to information.

Adelphi uses Moodle, an e-learning software that encourages collaboration between students and faculty. Through Moodle, students have access to syllabi, course materials, assignments, and supplemental readings. Students and faculty can hold virtual course discussions.

The faculty is provided with an array of resources for classroom instruction including:

  • digital recorders, laptops, video-editing software and camcorders
  • wikis, blogs and classroom response assessment tools which incorporate interactive technologies.

Specialized labs give students the opportunity to learn in environments that simulate real-life scenarios and provide hands-on learning experience in using industry-standard equipment.

Is there technology in the classrooms?
At Adelphi, learning is an interactive experience.

  • Almost all of Adelphi classrooms are equipped for multimedia presentations.
  • Adelphi has more than 80 technology-enhanced classrooms equipped with DVD players and LCD projectors for faculty use.
  • Adelphi has more than 30 instructional labs with computer workstations, many with specialized software.
  • Adelphi continually updates classrooms to ensure that students and faculty have access to the latest technology.   

Will you use technology to collaborate with other students in both your introductory and advanced courses?
Technology will help students collaborate with other students, as well as with faculty. Through Moodle, students discuss courses in virtual sessions with faculty and other students. eCampus, the Adelphi portal, facilitates campus-wide communication through email, message boards and discussion groups. Through their Adelphi Gmail accounts, students also have access to Google Apps.

Support Services

Does the school have specialized labs you can use to work on projects? Is there help available?
Adelphi offers specialized multimedia labs to encourage interactive and collaborative learning. Many of our academic departments have specialty labs designed to maximize the learning experience. SimMan in the School of Nursing simulates a hospital environment and gives students the opportunity for hands-on practice on “patients.” Other specialized labs include the Chemistry Lab, Communications Lab, Exercise Physiology Lab, Graphic Design Lab and the Science Lab among others.

Are library collections and resources—such as catalogs, research databases, special collections, course reserves, full-text electronic journals, books, and streaming media—available online and accessible off-campus?
ALICAT (Adelphi Libraries Catalog) is available online, along with many other online catalogs including WorldCat, Connect NY, a link to 14 New York academic libraries, the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress.

The Adelphi Libraries subscribe to over 30,000 electronic journals which gives students access to articles via email. In addition, the Libraries offer interlibrary loan services. These articles can also be sent electronically.

Some resources are available off campus. The use of on-campus and off-campus resources is governed by their respective licensing agreements.

What kind of help does the library provide for research assistance, and when is the help available?
The University Libraries have regularly scheduled classes to introduce students to the different resources and to instruct them in the use of these different formats. Reference Librarians provide individualized reference assistance and help identify the appropriate books, databases, journal articles government documents, and other non-print materials necessary to complete research. 

For further assistance, you have online access to tutorials and general and specific research guides prepared by the Reference Librarians.

The University Libraries can be accessed through eCampus and the Adelphi website.

What technology resources and help are available to students with special needs?
Swirbul Library offers specialized equipment for both the visually and hearing impaired. The Student Access Office (SAO) can provide information on the range of assistive technologies for students with documented disabilities.

Looking Toward Graduation and a Career

Does the campus offer general or profession-specific training programs that will ensure you are fluent in current information technologies when you graduate?
Fluency in technology is essential for success. Adelphi offers workshops and self-guided online training tools to ensure that you remain competitive in the global marketplace.

The Office of Information Technology also provides hands-on work opportunities for students that also serve as valuable learning experiences. These student workers are employed on a part-time basis and gain invaluable experience in areas such as website development, systems administration, and computer repair.

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