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Patches and Updates

Install updates and patches to avoid identity theft.

In order to reduce the chance of becoming a victim of cyber criminals, follow the steps listed below. Doing so will help you protect your computer and Adelphi’s information resources, and it will help you to be better defended against cyber threats.

  1. Apply patches when they are released. The most important patches fix vulnerabilities in Microsoft products, Apple products, Adobe products, and Java products. Updates present themselves in the system tray of your computer when they are available.
  2. Please restart your computer when prompted to do so. Some patches do not take effect until the computer has been restarted.
  3. Make sure that you run antivirus on every computer you use, and that the antivirus definitions are set to update automatically (Apple computers need antivirus also).

If you are ever unsure of whether an update prompt is safe, or require assistance to install updates, please contact the Help Desk.

It is imperative that you install these updates when they are ready and reboot your computer afterward.  These changes only take affect after rebooting the computer; putting it to sleep or in hibernating mode is not sufficient.

Cyber crime is a global multibillion dollar industry and criminals are looking for information which  can be easily sold. This information includes credit card numbers, bank account details, and personal identity information.  By becoming infected with malware, you are at an increased risk of becoming a victim of identity theft.



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