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    Do you want to work more efficiently or collaborate more successfully but get caught up in not knowing how to fully utilize certain programs?

    The Help Desk has resources to assist students, faculty, administration and staff with using technology. We offer brief, informative workshops on topics such as Google Apps, Microsoft Office, information security and file storage.

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    If you have a group/department that would like training on specific topics, please email to request a special session.

    You may also be interested in workshops offered by The Faculty Center for Professional Excellence (free; for Adelphi faculty).

    The following are outlines of workshops. Not all workshops are scheduled every semester, but please let us know if you would like us to offer certain topics.

    • Google Calendar

      • – Scheduling and other calendar basics
        – Set up reminders, sharing, and more
        – Google Calendar for administrative assistants
        – Calendar tips: Create a team calendar
    • Basics of Information Security

      • – Computer security
        – PC and Mac antivirus
        – Malware and spyware
        – Password security and questions
        – Mobile device security
        – Identity protection
    • How to Set Up an Online Meeting (Google Hangouts)

      • – Explain and demo the Chat and Hangouts function within Gmail
        – Adding, searching for users/contacts
    • 3D Studio Introduction

      • – How to build a 3D file
        – What programs to use to create the 3D file
        – How to product the 3D file
        – How to use the Makerbot software
        – How to print the 3D file
    • 3D Studio Advanced

      • – How to create more advanced 3D printing files
        – How to edit or find mistakes to prevent 3D printing issues
        – How to use the different file formats for 3D printing
        – How to determine advanced properties
    • Google Docs: Transitioning from Microsoft Word

      • – Access Google Documents using Drive
        – Create a Google Document:
        – Name the Document
        – Understand Formatting
        – Edit the Document
        – Print the Document
        – Share your Documents and collaborate
    • Google Sheets: Transitioning from Excel

      • – Navigate Google’s version of spreadsheets
        – Use the functions to calculation you results
        – Copy functions to other cells
        – How to share the spreadsheet with collaborators. How to convert Excel into Google sheets
    • Google Slides: Transitioning from Powerpoint

      • – Create a Google Presentation using Drive:
        – Name the Presentation
        – Format the slides
        – Add content to the slide
        – Add notes to a slide
        – Create additional slides for your presentation
        – Present your slide presentation
        – Share your Slides and collaborate
    • Google Forms

      • – Create a survey or registration form
        – Add and edit questions, headers, images, videos, and page breaks
        – Add a theme to a form
        – Control your form’s page-to-page navigation
        – Choose a form response destination
        – Send your form to respondents
        – Share your form with collaborators
    • Gallagher Lab Workshop

      • – Learn how the room’s state-of-the-art technologies and mobile work spaces can be used for your course instruction.
        (Session is limited to faculty, administration and staff)
    • Google Drive (Client)

      • – How to use the downloadable Google Drive client to access files on multiple devices
    • Google Apps (Launcher)

      • – Changes to Gmail layout for how to access Apps
        – Demonstrate how to access the applications through the launcher
    • Mail Merge with Google

      • – Use Google Spreadsheets to set up a mail merge
    • Word Intermediate

      • – Tables
        – Graphics/pictures
        – Charts
        – Hyperlinks
    • Word Advanced

      • – Create forms
        – Create templates
        – Automate tasks using macros
        – Create a macro
    • Excel Introduction

      • – Entering information
        – File management
        – Saving your work
        – Opening files
        – Changing existing information
        – Undo
        – Selecting cells, columns or rows
        – Copying and moving
        – The fill handle
        – Extending a series
    • Excel Intermediate

      • – Building Formulas
        – Math Basics of Excel
        – Building a Formula
        – Editing a Formula
        – Copying a Formula
        – Relative vs. Absolute References
        – Using Excel Functions
        – Formulas vs. Functions
        – Using the SUM Function
        – Using Other Basic Excel Functions
        – Understanding the Formulas Tab
        – Using the Status Bar to Perform Calculations
        – Understanding the New Function Names

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