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    Wireless Networks

    Adelphi strongly recommends that all students, faculty and staff use the eduroam network for wireless connections.

    Why you should use the “eduroam” network instead of the “AU” network

    By joining eduroam once, you will only be prompted for your username and password when your Adelphi password changes. You won’t need to log in each time you connect.

    Also, when you travel to an eduroam member institution, you will be ready to access eduroam immediately.

    » eduroam U.S. member institutions map  » eduroam international institutions map

    A Configuration Assistant Tool is provided for the most common operating systems that simplifies the configuration and setup of your eduroam wireless profile. (This may be necessary to download depending on the operating system you are using.)

    Adelphi students access wifi in Adelphi dorms

    Wireless Setup


    Use: Primary WiFi for students, faculty and staff

    Students: Use your eCampus username with (not
    Employees: Use your Adelphi Gmail account

    Enter your eCampus password


    Use: Recommended as backup only

    Username: Your Adelphi username

    Password: gopanthers

    You will then be prompted to enter your eCampus
    username and password

    You can report any areas of campus that have a weak wireless signal for either network.

    iOS example to access eduroam


    Android example to access eduroam


    Entering will ensure
    privacy while traveling.



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