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    Research Computing

    Faculty members with an IT and/or computing need that is not covered by regularly available IT services can contact IT’s Research Computing Coordinator. The Research Computing Coordinator will work with faculty members to establish a solution to best address his or her concerns, and to assist with identifying possible sources of funding.

    Research computing requests include, but are not limited to:

    Assistance with grant proposals

    Many grant proposals require the submitter to include an IT component. Whether the component contains an affirmation of practices, or includes new purchases, IT can offer guidance and advice.

    Customized project email accounts

    Researchers can request a separate email account for their project. It can be a basic email account to send and receive emails which can be delegated to team members, or a full Gmail account that includes Google Drive, Google Calendar and other Google apps.

    Data encryption

    Encryption is used to protect the confidentiality and integrity of data, and can keep raw research data secure. IT is able to provide encryption software and give advice concerning configuration options and key management.

    Specialized networking needs

    If research programs include specialized networking needs that you are unable to implement using our existing infrastructure, a consultation with the Research Computing Coordinator may be beneficial to you.

    Specialized software needs

    The Research Computing Coordinator can act as a go-between for purchasing software that is specifically used for research purposes. In some situations, software is available for immediate allocation, while in other situations software may need to be purchased. In all cases, a consultation with the Research Computing Coordinator can be helpful.


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