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    New Website Request

    If your department needs a new website created within, please send your request with as much detailed information as possible to We will follow up with you to schedule a meeting to discuss your website needs. 

    Here are some details we’ll need to get started:

    • Number and names of pages within proposed site
    • Specific date(s) of an event or initiative tied to this website launch
    • Which department is approving/sponsoring the site or initiative (new websites)?
    • Which department sites does the site need to be linked from (new websites)?
    • Will it be a temporary site (new websites)?
    • Define the target audience for your site (faculty, staff, current/prospective students, community, more specific)
    • If you have particular images in mind or if you want us to choose stock photography
    • Who is the main point of contact for the site?
    • Has this initiative been discussed yet with this Office of Marketing and Creative Services regarding additional promotion?

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    For further information, please contact:

    Webteam Communications Team
    e –

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